Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Happy Ending

Another icy day trapped indoors. I'm glad I wasn't here for the first half of the snow storm or I'd be going crazy with cabin fever. I'm pretty sure I've done all there is to do around my house so I've officially reached the bored stage. A ride in the car with Scott, bundled up in my warmest clothes, with Starbucks in hand was literally the most exciting part of my day.
I have spent quite a bit of time at my mother-in-law's the last two days. Jodie had reconstructive surgery yesterday which completes this year long journey of her breast cancer. It's been a long, drawn out process and I'm glad that it's over with now. She's single and Scott's an only child so Scott and I have been a lot more involved with all of this than most children probably are in this type of situation. We stayed at her house last night and will be spending a lot of time with her this week while she recovers. 
I put up Jodie's Christmas tree today. I decorate it for her every year. Last year after I decorated it, she sat us down and told us she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. While I was putting it up this year, I thought about the year we've all had going through this together, how I'm grateful that she's officially cancer free, and as soon as she feels better from this surgery all of this will be over with. 
When Jodie had her first surgery at the beginning of the year, the doctor pulled me and Scott aside to inform us about what all we were dealing with. I broke down in his office because the diagnoses wasn't very good and I was so worried for the future. When all of this was said and done, the doctor told her she was extremely lucky to have the outcome she's had. We all agree it's not luck---it's the Grace of God. It's a blessing that you cannot even put into words. The year started out rough but it's finishing up with a happy ending.


  1. So glad to hear she is on her way to recovery. Cancer is so hard and it touches so many lives... hears to Jodie!! :) Remission and a baby-- God is good.