Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

I had a fun Christmas Eve, eve yesterday. Usually my life is so crazy in the days leading up to Christmas and I never get to just sit back and relax. This year I had everything done that needed to be done so I had a long lunch with Jaclyn then decided to go to the mall just for fun. While I was shopping around it started snowing so hard and it was so fun! It really added a little something special to the whole holiday spirit!
While I was out shopping I had so many people ask me when I'm due. I obviously got that a lot in Jamaica but that was a first for me back home. I've mentioned before that I wake up some days and I've really popped out and yesterday was one of them.
After I was finished browsing around the mall, Scott and I went out to dinner with his Dad at Bonefish. We came back home, enjoyed some Christmas movies on TV then hit the hay.
Today has been a bummer of a Christmas Eve and I totally blame the pregnancy hormones but I've been crying a lot. I miss my family and I'm ready to see them. Scott's been working all day so I've been home alone.....and there isn't even a good Christmas movie on TV to keep me entertained.
We're sticking around town to have dinner with Scott's mom tonight (Scott comes from the smallest family ever) then either super late tonight or very early tomorrow morning we're driving down to Little Rock to spend Christmas with my family. We're going to play it by ear. I just may get out and by myself a little "lift my spirits" present then come home and snuggle with my precious nuggets who are looking extra adorable in their Christmas sweaters today.
I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Eve!

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