Friday, January 10, 2014

27 Weeks

Hello third trimester! I'm in the home stretch now. I'm a little anxious to see what the third trimester will be like. Every email I get makes it almost seem dreadful and I'm hoping that's not the case for me. I still feel really great and I can't see how that could change too much in the next few weeks. I'm actually still really comfortable and able to easily do everything. I sleep great, my back doesn't hurt me (unless I'm on my feet all day), I don't waddle and I'm not running out of breath. I would say I feel just like my normal self 95% of the time. It's hard to believe Campbell's arrival is just around the corner and while I can't wait to meet my precious baby, I'm still perfectly content being pregnant and enjoying life as I know it for the next 3 months.
Size of Baby: Two pounds and 14 1/2 inches long, about the weight of an acorn squash.

How I'm Feeling: Most of the time I feel great. However, on Monday night morning sickness came back and was horrible to me!! I could not stop throwing up and the bloody nose tagged along with it. It was awful. I haven't thrown up since then but I'm constantly on edge now wondering if it's going to come back. I read if you had a rough first trimester then the third trimester can be just as bad, if not worse. I hope I don't get sick again and that Monday night was some weird fluke but it totally wouldn't surprise me at all if it came back.

Cravings/Appetite: I've been really into bananas this week. It's kind of a strange fruit choice for me but I've really enjoyed them. My body must need some potassium!

Clothes: Nothing has changed in the clothing department but I find myself coming home and throwing on my sweats immediately because they're much more comfortable (obviously). I love winter weather but I'm starting to wish it would warm up because dresses and flip flops would be much more comfortable to wear right now than jeans and boots.

Movement: Campbell is still just a movin in there and doesn't seem like he's getting cramped for space at all yet. I'm getting to where I can feel the weight of him now especially when he's down really low.
Changes in Me: I am looking large and in charge these days. I used to notice such a huge difference in my bump every two weeks or so but now it's getting so big I can't even keep up anymore.

Baby Purchases: I've bought a lot of things for Campbell this week. I got a couple of spring outfits for him and two pairs of pajamas. I ran across a burp cloth I couldn't live without. I found two cute hampers for his nursery that I love (I may use one to store his toys) and we also purchased his mattress.

Favorite Moment This Week: This has been a fun baby week for us! The best moment has definitely been getting to see our sweet boy and get a good idea what he looks like. Right when he popped up on the ultrasound we got a great look at his little face and I immediately thought to myself "yep, that's my baby." I honestly had no idea what to imagine Campbell to look like but I instantly recognized him and knew that he belonged to me. I can't stop thinking about how precious he is and seeing him made me so ready to meet him and hold him and kiss him.

Looking Forward To: My appointment next week. I'm officially in the bi-monthly appointment phase. I have to get a RhoGAM shot but shots don't really bother me so I'm not too worried about it. Other than that, checking my weight, listening to the heart beat and measuring my belly there isn't anything else we do but I always like my appointments. It's just nice to have an opportunity to check up on the little man!

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