Thursday, January 16, 2014

Camera Ready

Over the holidays Scott purchased a fancy new camera and I must say, he's become quite the photographer in just a few short weeks. You may have noticed that some of the photos I've been posting on here have been looking pretty nice lately and my sweet husband is the one behind the camera. He watches these photography videos on the internet all the time (nerd alert) and whenever he wants to try some new technique, Madison, Ivy and I tend to be his muses. At first I was a tiny bit against splurging on such a nice camera. We have a Nikon D3100 that we purchased a few years back and we never use it. I assumed this camera would get the same treatment but we use it almost every day. Scott wanted it so we could get good pictures of Campbell and I'm so glad we have it! This Nikon D610 takes awesome photos! Definitely worth the splurge.

(we took this shot today for my 28 week update. check in tomorrow for more on that!)

Scott's been talking about getting a camera for months and spent many hours researching to figure out which one he thought was best. Shortly after Christmas he finally took the plunge, ordered his camera and was as giddy as a school boy about his new toy. It was shipped to us via UPS and we were excited to learn it would arrive at our doorstep just a few short days after ordering it. However, one of us had to be home sometime between 9 and 3 to sign for the package. Scott asked me if I would stay home and wait for it and I said I would. But I accidentally managed to slip out of the house for just 15 minutes and of course the UPS guy stopped by the house during those few short minutes that I wasn't there. They left a note saying they would be back in three days to deliver the package and the look of disappointment on my husbands face made me feel soooo crunchy. 
I immediately picked up the phone and called the UPS 1-800 number to see if they could get the guy to swing back by. Of course they were of zero help. ZERO. I couldn't contact the local hub because that number isn't listed (none of local hub numbers are) and other than driving around looking for a big brown truck I wasn't sure what I could do. Scott told me to not worry about it but I felt really bad and wanted him to have his camera. So I put my thinking cap on. 
Long story short, I managed to figure out the name and personal cell phone number of the UPS guy who has our route, set up a time and location, and Scott met up with him so he could get his camera. Wife of the year holla! You don't even want to know how I went about doing that but I felt very Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy finds the unpublished manuscript of Harry Potter for Miranda's twins to read on the train to grandma's house. 
When Scott told our friends that evening what I'd managed to pull off none of them were surprised. Because figuring out stuff like that is how I roll people. 

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