Friday, January 17, 2014

28 Weeks

Size of Baby: 2 1/4 pounds and 14.8 inches long, about the size of a large eggplant.

How I'm Feeling: I feel great! It's been a good week. I haven't been as tired as I have been in the previous weeks so that's been nice. I did get hit with morning sickness yesterday and this morning. My doctor says my body must not be able to handle the hormones some days.

Cravings/Appetite: I haven't been very hungry this week. Also, I don't think Campbell likes my french vanilla cappuccinos that I used to enjoy so much. I'm having an aversion to them these days which is just so confusing to me since it's always been my favorite part about my mornings. Also, I think the cappuccino is to blame for the morning sickness I've had the last two days. I guess I'll be giving those up now since I'm pretty sure they're making me sick.

Clothes: I went to a baby shower on Sunday afternoon and I struggled to find something to wear. Even some of my (normally) loose tops wouldn't fit. Most of the clothes that fit me these days are more casual, every day shirts. Eventually I found a top that worked but my closet full of nothing to wear made me 20 minutes late to the party. I probably need to buy some maternity tops but the selection is slim pickin's here in NWA.
Movement: My little man is still just a movin and groovin. His kicks and punches are getting stronger every week. Last night he was doing somersaults and it was such a strange feeling! I could literally feel the little person inside of me swimming and rolling around. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I would do flips under the pool water over and over. That's exactly what it felt like he was doing and it was so funny to me.

Changes in Me: Bending over is getting harder. Lifting my leg over the tall ledge while I'm getting out of the bath is harder and I'm always worried I'm going to slip and fall. People are starting to get really helpful to me when I'm out in public. They open doors for me, help me lift things, let me go first in line, etc. While I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, it's kind of nice having someone do it for me. There's a lot of nice people out there!

Baby Purchases: After my doctors appointment yesterday, per my tradition, I went to baby Gap to see what I couldn't live without. I found the tiniest little swimsuit that was entirely too precious so I snatched it up plus an adorable t-shirt to pair with it. I highly doubt Campbell will be splashing in the pool this summer but that is neither here nor there. His new swim trunks will make for a super cute picture and maybe he'll get to wear them a few times while lounging at the pool with me. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to live at my neighborhood pool like I usually do. It's something I've been thinking about since I found out I was pregnant in July.

Favorite Moment This Week: Campbell's arrival is getting closer and closer and it's really started to sink in this week for Scott and myself. There's no more messing around and taking our time with certain things. We're in "go" mode when it comes to getting stuff done now because we don't have much time to waste. Feeling the urgency of needing to finalize things has been fun and exciting.

Looking Forward To: My baby bedding coming in. I got an email today saying it's been shipped and should arrive at my doorstep on Tuesday. I can't wait!!

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