Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Campbell's Crib

Today was another fun day here in the Johnson house. Our crib got delivered this morning!! Restoration Hardware is on top of it. We ordered it just a little over two weeks ago so I'd say they're pretty speedy (and keep their promise) with their deliveries. We decided to go with the Layne crib collection and I love, love it.
I'm having someone make my bedding for me and she's coming out over the weekend to measure the crib and window and go over final details for everything. We're actually going with a fairly similar look with our bedding that's shown in the picture above. Everything is going to be different shades of grey linen and I'm hoping it's going to look as good as I'm picturing it in my head!!
We also ordered the matching dresser as well and I love it too! Right when the movers left I immediately started folding up pajamas and placing things in his little drawers. If you're expecting a baby I can't say enough good things about Restoration Hardware. We've ordered quite a few things from them now and everything we've gotten I've loved. From furniture to stuffed animals---all of their baby goodies get 5 stars from me!
Decorating Campbell's nursery is going to be so fun! I'm so excited that his furniture is in now so we can get the ball rolling on everything. This is all getting very real people!!!

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