Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today is a yucky day here in NWA. It's cold and rainy but that hasn't stopped me from running all over the place today. I drove to Fayetteville because I needed to return something at a store down there. I decided to do a little browsing around town while I was at it. I wore a big poncho sweater today and thought that it concealed my baby bump pretty good. Not that I'm trying to conceal it or anything but I just figured nobody would notice it with my huge poncho on. But when I was checking out at Target the cashier asked me when I was due. Womp Womp. I guess there's just no hiding it these days. My bump feels massive to me and I can't imagine how it's going to be capable of getting any bigger.
We don't have much on our agenda for the evening. We'll probably watch some shows then hop in bed early. My bedtime is starting to rub off on Scott. We were both in bed and asleep before the clock turned 10 last night. I'm loving my new bedtime. I used to be a night owl and it wasn't rare for me to be up until midnight. Turning in early may be my new thing for many years to come.

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