Friday, February 7, 2014

31 Weeks

Size of Baby: 16 inches long and 3 1/3 pounds, about the size of a coconut.

How I'm Feeling: I have been really sick this week. My heartburn is so bad it's literally making me throw up. I'm not sure which is worse---nausea in the first trimester or heartburn in the third.

Cravings/Appetite: I'm starting to have to cut out some foods because they make my heartburn extra bad. Bananas, cappuccino, orange juice and apparently cinnamon rolls (as I discovered yesterday) are to be completely avoided these days. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not that those are all things I eat in the morning but the punishment for having them is so bad it's not worth trying to figure it out.
Clothes: If anyone wants to be entertained you should come to my house and watch me put on wool socks. They're enough of a struggle as it is since they're so tight and thick but tack on a big belly and it's nearly impossible for me to get them on. It feels like a legit workout. Once I've successfully put them on, I stay seated on the floor of my closet and attempt to catch my breath for a good minute.

Movement: Campbell's movements have been very different lately. I can tell he's getting much, much bigger because they are so forceful it makes my whole body jolt sometimes. I got an email today saying babies move a lot at this stage and are turning their heads quite a bit and I can definitely feel it when he's moving his head. Last night his little arm or leg (I think it was his leg) was pressed up against me and I could actually feel it with my hand. It was pretty amazing. I just kept rubbing it with my fingers hoping he could sense that I was loving on him!

Changes in Me: The steering wheel on my car suddenly seems really close to me. I know I say this almost every week but I'm amazed at how big my belly is. I just can't imagine how it's going to get any bigger because it seems like it should be maxed out at this point.
Baby Purchases: I've purchased some fun items for Campbell's nursery this week. Cool knick knacks for his room, some storage bins for his closet and (another) stuffed animal. I officially have some kind of obsession with stuffed animals. I've now ordered all of the boyish ones Restoration Hardware has to offer. I also bought a baby book for Campbell. I made that a production (of course) and visited nearly every store in NWA that carries them before picking the one I thought would be best. I think it will be fun to fill out! My Mom was great about keeping up with my baby book and hopefully I will be as well.

Favorite Moment This Week: Scott had his hand on my belly one night and said to me "I think he has the hiccups." So I put my hand on my stomach to feel and sure enough, he did. I don't know why I can't ever feel his hiccups on my own but they were unmistakable to the touch. I thought it was neat that Scott was able to notice something without me. Usually it's me telling him what's going on but this time he felt something that I didn't know was happening which was kind of cool.

Looking Forward To: I'm having a neighborhood baby shower on Sunday and I'm so excited about it! I say it all the time but I truly live in the greatest neighborhood ever.

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