Monday, February 10, 2014

Hyde Park Baby Shower

Yesterday some of my neighbors threw me a joint baby shower with another neighbor friend of mine, Darla! Our due dates are just one day apart and she is expecting her second little girl!
My neighborhood is having a baby boom. There are seven of us that are pregnant right now!! There were eight but one had her baby yesterday morning! Five of us are all due within a few weeks of one another. I love that there is such a big baby boom and I hope that all of our little kiddos will be great friends!
I had so much fun at my shower! I received so many awesome gifts for Campbell. Once I got home I stayed in his room to pack everything away and find a spot for all of my new goodies and it was so much fun! Our house is starting to look like a baby lives here!!
Scott and I are so blessed to live in such an amazing neighborhood. I had no idea when we bought our home that I would gain so many new friends. I feel like living in a place like Hyde Park, where your neighbors turn into your friends, is so rare. I never want to leave here!!
These three ladies were so sweet to throw me a shower! Scott, Campbell and I are very lucky!!

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