Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of the same questions while being pregnant. Today I thought I'd answer some of the most common questions I'm asked. Mostly so I'll remember for myself but in case you all may be curious about it as well.

How are you feeling? This is the most common question a pregnant woman gets asked. People ask me this all the time and I find myself asking other girls who are pregnant the same thing. For the most part I feel really great. My first trimester was rough. The nausea and vomiting was horrible. I was more tired than I've ever been and (not kidding) basically slept my life away. The vomiting hasn't ever completely gone away but it hasn't been that bad. It comes and goes so quickly that it hardly even bothers me. All in all, I would say I've had a pretty great pregnancy minus the first trimester. I've felt and still feel like my normal self 90% of the time although that's slowly starting to fade every few days the farther into this pregnancy I get.

Is Scott excited? Scott is so excited! He was thrilled to find out we were going to have a baby but once we found out it's a boy, his excitement quadrupled. He's really sweet and comes to every doctors appointment with me and he's just as into everything about pregnancy and baby as I am.

What will Ivy and Madison think? I honestly think the girls will love Campbell. I think they'll be very curious about him and protective of him. I'm trying to teach them his name and any time I go in the nursery I always say to them "let's go to Campbell's room." I don't see much changing in their lives with the arrival of Campbell. I know most of my attention will be focused on him but I think they'll be my little sidekicks and help me take care of him! My only concern with them is his toys. Madison loves toys and she already wants his stuffed animals that are in his room. Everyone says dogs somehow seem to know the difference between their toys and the baby's toys but I know without a doubt that won't be the case with us.

Are you nervous about the delivery? Do you plan on having an epidural? Maybe I'm naive but I'm not worried about labor and delivery at all (assuming everything goes smoothly of course) and I don't have any kind of birthing plan. If I go into labor naturally, I'd like to not jump in the car and rush to the hospital the second I start having contractions. I'd prefer to wait it out at home for a while simply because I don't want to be in the hospital all day. I'm going to try to wait and see how long I can go without an epidural but the second I can't take it anymore, bring it on. I really, really hope and pray I can deliver the natural way but if something happens and I have to have a C-section then I can't control that so it is what it is.

Do you want more kids? Absolutely! I want 3 but Scott only wants 2. We'll see how that plays out. Stay tuned for another 5-6 years.

Does your nursery have a theme? No theme. It's just different shades of grey and very simple. I'm waiting on the curtains to arrive then I think we'll be all set as far as the decor goes! I'll definitely share photos with you all when it's completely finished.

Are you planning on nursing? Yes. I think it will be the neatest thing ever and I really hope I'm able to do it. I think with my Mom and Scott encouraging me along the way, I'll be able to get past those first few hard weeks....assuming everything is working properly and operating the way it's supposed to. My goal is to go six months but if I can make it longer I think that will be great!

What does Scott think about your belly? My sweet husband tells me how "cute" he thinks I am all the time. He truly isn't bothered by my growing waistline and doesn't make me feel any pressure to whip back into shape as soon as possible. He knows it's temporary and sees it as a really neat thing that I'm growing a baby. Lately we both look at my belly and just laugh at how big it's getting.

Will you miss being pregnant? I will. I've loved being pregnant. Almost every day it hits me how blessed I am that I'm able to experience this. I didn't know how I would feel about my body changing but I've honestly enjoyed watching my belly grow. Every time I feel Campbell move it makes me happy. The whole process is so miraculous to me and I appreciate every little thing about it.

Are you ready for your life to completely change? Yes! I'm so excited about it. Sometimes I have moments where a little anxiety sets in and my heart starts racing when I think about how different life is about to be. I absolutely cannot wait to meet my sweet baby boy but I'm a little nervous about the drastic changes that will come with his arrival. Scott and I always come and go and do as we please and I love that. It could totally not phase me and I may be able to easily adjust but I've already warned Scott that multiple breakdowns are most likely in the near future.

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