Monday, February 3, 2014

Walking Snow Balls

We are having a big winter here in NWA. We got a lot of snow again yesterday. It was really so beautiful waking up to tons of snow falling from the sky. Scott and I got in the car to head to church when we realized being out in the blizzard was probably a bad idea. While we both hated to miss it, we decided it would be safer to turn around and go home. We passed tons of cars in ditches on our way home which was a little scary. I'm glad Scott is a good snow driver. His Dad used to live in Jersey and when Scott was in high school, his Dad always took him out in the snow and taught him how to drive around in it. It definitely makes me feel safer being in the car with him when we get hit with a lot of snow.
Since we were trapped indoors, I decided I would crawl back in bed and take a nap. When Scott asked me why I was doing that I said "because I can." I've only got a few more weeks left of being able to do what I want so I'm taking advantage of it. Later that evening we went to our friends to watch the Super Bowl and by watch I mean I just went to their house and talked about babies and home decorating the entire time. I'm just not into NFL football.
This morning I decided to let my little girls play outside in the snow. We put on our winter coats so we wouldn't get snow stuck to us. It's always worked great in the past but this snow is so loose and powdery so the coat didn't really offer us a ton of help on our little legs.
I don't think they've ever had more fun in their entire lives than they did this morning. The snow was extra, extra enjoyable and they romped and rolled and ran until they wore themselves out.
They were having too much fun to notice how cold they were supposed to be but walking ended up becoming difficult for them since they had so much snow stuck to their legs so after 45 minutes, they decided they'd had enough and were ready to come inside.
Can you believe how much snow gets stuck to them??!! It's literally like ice and the only way I can get it off is to give them a bath. I guess it's because they're so little so their whole bodies are literally in the snow. They had this snow suit at PetSmart earlier this year that completely covered the arms and legs and I almost got it for them but decided not to. I wish so bad I had gotten it now. They had so much fun playing in the fresh powder and I would love to let them go out in it again but it's such a production getting the snow off of them. Madison and Ivy would tell you it's totally worth it though.

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