Monday, March 10, 2014

Grace Turns Two

Yesterday this sweet little munchkin turned two years old!!
We celebrated Gracie's birthday with an outdoor party in the backyard. It was a nice day so the girls got to play outside for the longest time and they had so much fun running around, sniffing grass and tackling one another!
We also picked up some special birthday treats to celebrate the occasion! I don't know about your dog but mine never seem to like treats like this. You know, the cute expensive ones. We gave one to each of the girls and they spit them out onto the floor without giving them so much as a lick. A few hours later I noticed that they had finally been eaten but they never devour these kinds of treats.
Of course once we were done playing outside I had to bring the girls in and take a photo of Grace in her birthday hat. Ivy and Madison have one too and I guess we're going to make it a tradition every year and get pictures of them in their birthday hats!
And then Grace was like "Okay I've cooperated long enough, please just take this stupid hat off of me. I can't take it anymore!!!"
Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie Grace!! We love you!!

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