Saturday, April 5, 2014

Second Saturday

Happy Saturday! Life with Campbell sure is sweet. We're starting to get a little routine figured out around here which is making things much easier. Most nights go really good and I'm perfectly fine waking Campbell up to eat and don't mind being up. I just turn the TV on and watch a movie or something. Some nights, however, I'm so tired that I want to cry. Scott somehow instinctively knows the nights where I'm struggling and always wakes up, keeps me company, then takes over when he can. Normally something keeping me awake at night would be really irritating and make me grouchy in the morning but not my sweet little baby! No matter how tired I am, I don't mind doing it for him!! He's starting to become really alert, especially after he eats, and I love it---even at 4 in the morning. Watching him take in the world and see new things for the first time is so sweet. He can take all the time he needs for that!
Here's Campbell in his new Kickee Pants that his Daddy went out and bought for him! I really like him in dark colors. I was so excited about putting him in this and he wore it just long enough for me to get a couple of pictures before he spit up all over it and I had to change him. That's happened to us twice now and it's such a bummer!!!
I love this picture of my girls! Aren't they sweet?! I love that they always snuggle up together. I told them today that we're going to spend a long time playing in the backyard this afternoon. They deserve it! We've all been trapped in the house for a long time now and could use some sunshine.
Here's our other new outfit and hat!! I could kind of die. We'll probably be wearing this a lot for the next few weeks. Newborn hats are so hard to find and this one fits perfect for anyone who's in the market for some. It's from Zutano and they have a bunch of colors online. Scott and I plan on ordering a couple more today.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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