Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So This Is Motherhood

Wow! I'm tired. These middle of the night feedings are brutal!! Waking up every 2-3 hours is exhausting. Last night was such a mess that Scott and I couldn't help but laugh at 4 in the morning no matter how tired we were. The doctor says Campbell needs to be fed every 2-3 hours. I set my alarm for every 3 hours but Campbell is never awake and ready to eat. I spend a good 10 minutes trying to wake him from his deep sleep then it takes him about 5 minutes to wake up enough to eat. He'll eat then fall asleep before he gets enough milk in his belly and I have to start the process all over again. At one point Scott rolled over (I let him sleep while I'm feeding him...no point in him being up too when there's nothing he can do to help as far as that goes) and he looked at the clock and goes "have you been feeding him for the last hour and 15 minutes?" Why yes, honey, I have.
Once Campbell is done eating, I change his diaper then give him to Scott and Scott burps him and gets him back to sleep. Last night Campbell had more dirty diapers than any 5 pound, 10 ounce baby should have. Then he peed in the midst of a diaper switch---everywhere. It sprayed all over my bedspread and the blanket I have under it. Thank goodness they're both machine washable. I was so tired that I just crawled back in bed and pulled the covers over me like the pee that was sprayed all over it didn't exist. Scott was like "ew! You're just going to get back in bed with that on our bedspread?" Mmm hmm. I'm too tired to care.
I woke up this morning from my "sleep" with 3 dirty diapers on my pretty mirrored nightstand, 2 burp clothes and 4 blankets thrown on the floor, and my comfy bed in complete disarray. If you know me and my OCD-ness, that's just not going to work. So now I have a plan.
No more changing Campbell on my bed. It's easier to just sit up in bed and change him there but I can't have another "shower" incident. Also, I sent Scott running up and down the stairs all night fetching new blankets and burp cloths and I can't handle dirty laundry just thrown on my floor. So I have a new set-up and I think it's going to make me feel sooo much better as far as my obsessive need for organization goes.
Campbell sleeps in the pack-n-play and rock-n-play at night. I just switch it up. Now, the pack-n-play is going to be the designated changing station. I have all of the supplies I could possibly need all set and ready to go. Also, I brought down his laundry basket so whenever something gets dirty I can just throw it right in there. His diaper genie now lives in our bedroom as well. It's going to make me feel so much better....I just know it.
As far as the little man goes, he's doing just fine! We took him to the doctor to check his jaundice and his levels dropped but we still have to go back again tomorrow. The doctor thinks they'll be down to a good level tomorrow. I sure do hope so! Please say a little prayer that they will be.
Also, even though they tell me that Campbell needs to eat every 2-3 hours, I'm going to do a 4 hour stretch tonight. I'm just so incredibly exhausted! Since he's been born, I've taken 1 nap during the day. One. I'm running on about 3-4 hours of sleep a day and I need a break! I figure since I always have to wake him up to eat, it will be just fine. It's 8:45 now and I'm turning in for the night. Fingers crossed my new system works and tonight won't be a messy disaster like last night was!!


  1. I actually laughed reading this. It sounds about like our first week. I like your plan! I used to strip Mason almost completely naked to wake him up and I hated waking him up. You are doing Great!

  2. I'd recommend you change him as soon as you wake him to eat. This way he'll be much more alert to feed, then burp him and he should go right back to sleep. Good luck and sleep when that baby sleeps, best advice I can give you. Everything else can wait. :O)

    1. Thanks girl! I took your advice and started doing that today!!

    2. Hooray! Happy One Week to your sweet little man who is SO adorable! Blessings!

  3. This gave me a good laugh at 2am while I was up tending to Brooklyn! Praying for some peace and rest for you soon!!! Hang in there!

  4. I tried to send you an email, but it keeps coming back to me. Is that your right email address off to the side? I had a couple questions about your dogs. Congrats on your new baby, he is so cute!! I know this is such a busy time for you, for I am a mother of twin boys that are now 20. If you have any free time I would appreciate an email address I can email a few questions to you. Thanks so much! Try and get some sleep. Macleodclan4@gmail.com