Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weigh-In's and Bottles

Today was a big day for us! Campbell and I made our first outing together without Scott. I was a touch nervous about it simply because getting him in his car seat is so hard to me. He's just so small right now and I'm always worried I'm squishing him and he can't breath. We managed though and it ended up being A-OK!
Our little adventure was to the pediatrician's office. Campbell is totally fine but I called yesterday to see if I could pop by just to weigh him. Since he's such a tiny little nugget, and dropped from 6.6 to 5.10, I wanted to make sure he was putting on weight. I'm happy to report that he's up to 6.3 now! It's such a relief to me. I figured he had to be gaining but his clothes don't seem to be getting any more snug on him so I just wanted to make sure. I'm so glad they let me pop by and they didn't make me feel like a paranoid Momma at all!
If you come to our house at some point during the day, this is most likely what you'll see! 
So I keep bottles in the refrigerator for just in case moments. I've only used them 3 times because everything you read says to avoid giving a breastfed baby a bottle until they're at least a month old. Sometimes you've just gotta do what you have to though. Scott and I got in bed at 8:30 last night and I drifted off to sleep not long after. Around 11:00 I heard Scott in the kitchen making a bottle so I could keep sleeping (my hero) so I set my alarm for 2:00 so I could wake Campbell up for his next feeding. Apparently I'm ridiculously sleep deprived (duh) because I woke up with my phone in my hand and when I looked at the time it said 4:00. Apparently I turned my alarm off and didn't even know it. #MomFail. I flew out of bed to check on Campbell and he was sleeping so soundly and peacefully. I felt a little bad that I went so long without feeding him but I got more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep so that was kind of awesome.
Speaking of Campbell, we've gone through 3 wardrobe changes today thanks to a leaky diaper and some spit-up. I know I'm biased but good heavens he's a cutie. I could just eat him up!


  1. I told you checking that weight can become an addiction. :-)

    1. Ha! Yes!!! I just may have to buy myself a baby scale. :)