Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Dance

What is happening? Campbell slept 6 hours and 40 minutes last night! Ahh!!!!! That's the second time this week. 10:15-5:00. It's beyond exciting and enough to make me do a happy dance at 5 am. I'm also chilling out and able to sleep great myself without worrying about what's going on with Campbell in his room. I just love getting to sleep. It's so nice. Keep it up peanut!!!!
Since we had such a good day on Tuesday, I woke up yesterday morning with full blown anxiety because I knew it would be a bad day. Because that's the way it works here. Happy Campbell one day, fussy Campbell the next day....and the next day after that too usually. Campbell is so awesome in the morning but once about 3:00 hits, he turns into Oscar the Grouch for the rest of the day. However, yesterday he was a happy baby all day. Two days in a row?! Yes!! Today is bound to be horrible. I'm psyching myself up for it already. OR....maybe Baby Wise is working? I will say no more for fear my words will bite me in the behind. I'll give a Baby Wise update in a few weeks to let you all know how it's going. So far, so good.
As far as switching Campbell from the Rock-N-Play to the crib----piece of cake. I had major anxiety about it and was so worried he wouldn't sleep. I woke up last Thursday, folded the Rock-N-Play up, tucked it away, and told myself it was gone for good no matter what. Thursday was pretty tough with the naps (and Campbell isn't a good napper anyway which made it extra hard) but that evening he slept great in his crib!! After that it was like nothing ever happened. I love having him in his crib now.
I took the girls bye bye with me to the Chick Fil A drive through today. When I got up to the window the sweet lady went on and on about Madison and Ivy. She handed me my food then said "You have a great day. Mine has been made now after seeing those sweet faces." So sweet! Her comment, in turn, made my day. Love my girls.

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