Monday, June 16, 2014


We had a fun and busy weekend in Little Rock. We left our house with a carload full of baby stuff! Campbell did great on the ride down and slept the whole way. We arrived in Little Rock just in time for dinner.
I love this picture of Campbell and his Pops! Campbell does't know it yet but he is going to love his Pops. He's fun.
My parents recently moved into a new house and they have this big window in the front that the girls love looking out of. Mom bought some poufs so they can see out of the window better and they love them! Any time we left the house they were looking out of the window and when we pulled back up they were still there!
One of the reasons we went to Little Rock for the weekend was to celebrate my Uncle Rex's 60th birthday. There was a big party for him at the Chenal Country Club so Scott and I left Campbell with my Grammy and had a much needed little date night where I allowed myself to indulge in a little red wine + a glass of champagne!
My parents new house is just a few feet from the club so I knew if my Grammy needed me I could be back home in just a few seconds. I left her with very specific instructions about his schedule and told her he was supposed to have a bottle at 9:30, then his bath and he should be in bed for the night by 10:30. I was having such a nice relaxing time at the party and was gone for a little over 3 hours but was anxious to get back because I missed my baby! I was hoping I could see Campbell before he was put down for the night so Scott and I left early to head home. When we walked into the door I saw this.
Grammy was beaming and said "well he's been so sweet and has just slept this whole time." Oh. Okay then. Don't worry about the specific instructions I left you! Haha. I appreciate my Grammy watching him and she's been so very helpful to me since he's been born so it's okay that she totally ignored my instructions. I was worried I was going to be up with him a lot that night but he did great even though he went to bed about an hour and a half later than he usually does!
It was a fun evening and it was nice to get dressed up and get out for a little bit. I really missed my peanut though! It's so funny because I always want a little break and then when I get one, I miss my baby. I'm glad Scott and I had the opportunity to get away for an evening. We need to try to do that more often!

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