Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My favorite nephew, Landon, is in town for the summer and I got to see him this past weekend for the first time since Christmas. Landon lives in Tampa but spends his summers here in Arkansas and we always look forward to him coming! I could not believe how big he has gotten in the last few months. He's huge! His eyebrows got bushy, he has hair on his legs, and I swear his foot is almost as big as mine is!!! I said to him "Landon stand right there and let me get a picture of how big you've gotten" and this is what he did. Ha!
I love this kid. He is the biggest mess with the sweetest little heart.
Landon got to meet Campbell for the first time over the weekend. He was so excited to get a boy cousin because he has 2 other cousins on his Mom's side but they're both girls. He was definitely due for a boy cousin!!
Campbell is going to love Landon and think he's so cool. Landon is 9 years older than Campbell and I know he's going to be such a sweet big cousin to him. My dream has always been for Landon to go to school at the UofA. I'm pretty sure my family will encourage that pretty hard!! I hope, if Landon does go to the UofA, he'll take summer classes and live with us while he does! Or at least come visit all the time while he's in school.....even if it's just to get a free dinner! Nothing would thrill me more. I've always, always dreamed that and I hope it comes true!

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