Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rolling Over

We had a little bit of a big day around here!
Campbell celebrated his 12 week birthday by rolling over!! Yay Campbell!! He's been rocking back and forth a lot lately and when we were doing tummy time I thought it may be coming so I started recording him and just so happened to catch it on camera! I would share it with y'all but it comes attached with a super loud cheer from yours truly so I've decided to spare you. Scott was watching when it happened and I'm so glad. Such a fun day!
Campbell has been a little wiggle worm lately. It sometimes stresses me out to watch him on the monitor because he is all over the place in his crib. There have been quite a few days when I go to wake him in the morning and he's done a complete 180 and his feet are in the exact same spot that I laid his head down the last time I saw him. It cracks me up....and also makes me wonder how in the world he manages to do that...swaddled! 
My baby boy is getting so big and is quickly turning into my bestest little buddy.
Campbell is trying to figure out how to laugh and it's really cute. He really wants to make the noise but just doesn't quite know how to do it. I can't wait for him to laugh. I know it will just make my heart melt!!!! On Sunday night Campbell started sticking his hand in his mouth so that's new too. Exciting stuff around the Johnson house y'all! :)
I love this. It captures their relationship perfectly. Daddy + Madison 4 Ever.


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    1. So exciting! I may have let out a very loud Mom scream when he did it. Haha!