Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tea & Curtains

Campbell rolled over again today which was really exciting because that means yesterday wasn't a fluke! He's grown so much this week in so many ways. It's crazy how fast things can happen in just a few days.
This is random but I've been going to McAlisters and buying gallons of tea and I love it so much. Scott tried to be cheap and googled to see how we could make McAlisters tea ourselves. I tried to tell him it wouldn't taste nearly as good but he was determined to figure it out. A couple of failed attempts later, he gave up and doesn't give me grief about the delicious $5 gallons of tea anymore. Yum. You just can't beat McAlisters tea!!
I'm so excited that it's almost the weekend. I hope we get a little sunshine. I could use a couple of hours at the pool. I have never been so pale in the summer as I am now. Boo.
I'm going to hop off and help Scott hang some curtains. We ordered these beautiful curtains from Restoration Hardware back in February and they finally came in. They're for our bedroom. The curtains we have in there now don't block the sun enough for me and it annoys me every single morning. I like it to be as dark as possible. It makes morning times much more pleasant. I have a feeling my charcoal, velvet, blackout curtains will do the trick!

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