Thursday, July 10, 2014


We had a fun day around here. Today, Mommy (yes Mommy) built baby Campbell's fun exersauser/jumper! I don't know why but I really love building things. I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing my work finished. As long as it isn't too terribly complicated, I super enjoy it. I figured it was about time for Campbell to play in it. So while he was napping, I got the box out of the closet and put that bad boy together. I was so excited to see what he might do. At first he wasn't real sure what to do with it.
So I decided I'd just pull out Mickey on the iPad and he was in heaven. Campbell was able to sit up real straight like a big boy and watch Mickey up really close. He cooed and babbled and talked (loudly) all day long between snuggling his Wubbanub.....and it was kinda super adorable!
His feet touch the ground (barely) and I was hoping he would do some bouncing but he didn't. So I put a pillow under him to see if maybe that would help him get the hang of it but instead he was like "ahhh thanks Mom, I really needed to prop my feet up and just chill."
Haha! Oh my goodness, I love this little peanut. 
Day 1 of the jumper was definitely a success! Thanks Jennifer for getting it for us!!!

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  1. Your very welcome! He looks like he will soon be jumping away or as Mason always did jump and sleep. I love how relaxed he seems with the pillow.