Monday, August 18, 2014

Bentonville Farmers Market

This weekend we went to the Bentonville Farmers Market and we had so much fun! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it's the first time we've been. I don't know what took us so long to get around to it but I can see it being our new Saturday thing! Campbell had SO much fun. He loves being outdoors. We picked up some awesome cherry tomatoes and some beautiful fresh flowers! While we were there we also decided to grab a burger at The Station Cafe for lunch. It was delicious of course. What a fun start to our weekend! We're totally going to make this our new thing and next time we're going to bring the girls. They will love it too!!
On Saturday night we went to a 30th birthday party of one of our friends/neighbors. We had a great time! Sunday we went to church and put Campbell in the nursery again. The timing of his schedule worked way better this time. It would have last Sunday too except he randomly woke up Saturday night/Sunday morning and threw us off. We waited until the last minute possible to wake him up from his nap so he would be refreshed and happy while he was at church. When we went to pick him up after the service was over they said he was perfect the entire time. Yay! Campbell was playing with a toy that belonged to the church and when we were walking to the car I looked at Scott and was like "do you think we should wash his hands?" Ha! I know, I'm ridiculous. I just don't want him to get sick and his hands are constantly in his mouth these days.
That's about all our weekend consisted of. I can't wait to do something with all of these delicious cherry tomatoes we have now. I didn't eat any over the weekend because we don't put a single healthy thing in our bodies over the weekend around here. I don't feel bad about that.

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