Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Freshly Picked

I was faced with a very tough decision this morning. Which Freshly Picked Moccasin color should I order for Campbell? I went back and forth about a million times and even sought out my trusty Instagram followers to help me with this difficult task.
It was tough, but I finally managed to pick one and I'm hoping they'll arrive on my doorstep next week!! Eeep!!
In all seriousness, I'm freaking obsessed with these shoes. I hope that I love them in person as much as I love them on Instagram. I've been following Freshly Picked for a long time now and was holding off until fall to order Campbell some shoes but I just couldn't wait anymore!!! I ended up settling upon #5, the Weathered Brown Mocs.
I think they're a good transition into late summer/early fall and the color should pretty much go with anything. If I'm madly in love, I'll order more. Although we may have to do a couple of baked potato nights to make it for it. (Baked Potato nights are what we do for dinner when we're trying to be cheap!!! Ha!) I love numbers 1, 3 and 6 a lot. And if you're thinking to yourself "camo??" just keep in mind that camo for boys is the leopard for girls. Right? Fun pattern, neutral....it totally works.
I was excited to see that a lot of my IG followers are just as obsessed and having an equally hard time picking out a moc color for their little ones as well. It didn't make me feel so ridiculous!
I'll definitely give you my review once I get these adorable little shoes in! Until then, Campbell will just have to continue to go barefoot since I can't seem to find any other shoes for him that I like. Or that fit.

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