Friday, August 1, 2014

Toys and Food

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day is off to a good start. Mine definitely is and I'm very much looking forward to my weekend. I have a lot of fun events planned out. My Mom and Grammy are currently on their way up to my house so they can watch Campbell for me this weekend. I've told the girls that Grace is coming to see them and they're anxiously awaiting her arrival.
I took Campbell to Target this week. I've been thinking that he may need some toys to play with because he's able to hold and grab things now. I got him this little toy and he loves it! I let him play with it while I finished my Target shopping and he was perfectly content and entertained so I was able to browse and take my time! I love, love this Infantino brand. We have a lot of their stuff and I think it's all so cute!
Campbell has been loving his Ella's baby food. We've tried all of the 4 month options and he has happily gobbled up all of them. Like I told the pediatrician yesterday, he'd eat our pantry if we let him. This kid LOVES food. I really thought the solids would help the little peanut put on some weight but obviously not. The doctor told me that I shouldn't be even the tiniest bit concerned that he's in the 5th percentile but goodness gracious.....he doesn't have a fat roll anywhere! Oh well. At least he has a big appetite!

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