Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I have officially taken the Rock N Play and swaddle away and we are only taking naps in the crib now. I know I've said this before but I really mean it this time!! I'm kind of forced to because he's getting too big for both. Pray for us. Yesterday was HORRIBLE. My shoulders were so tense by the end of the day and Momma had to pour herself some wine. Today has been awesome though so hopefully this won't be a long road. I've always heard you have to give babies two weeks to get the hang of things but hopefully we'll get this down before the week is up! I will just never understand why Campbell struggles with naps so much. I'm so good at taking naps. He definitely doesn't get it from me that's for sure.
I've been looking at the 10 day forecast and see that, after tomorrow, it's going to be in the 70's through next week. Common fall!!! I'm ready for my comfy Piko tops, skinny jeans and booties. Plus Campbell has some adorable fall outfits that I'm just dying to see him in. It can't come soon enough for me this year.
I've mentioned before how much I love Infantino toys for Campbell and I got him this cute little squeaker the other day. The problem is, I've been buying baby toys just like this for Ivy and Madison since the beginning. They're actually a great dog toy and my girls are obsessed with them. When I brought it home from the store and gave it to Campbell, they couldn't take their eyes off it. They've been really good girls and have learned which toys belong to Campbell and which ones belong to them but this one toy in particular was extra hard for them. After begging to have it for 2 days, I decided to let them have it. It was probably kind of stupid of me to think they wouldn't want it since they've been playing with different versions of this exact same toy their whole life. This is officially the new favorite toy in the house right now. It's like it's extra special since Campbell gave it to them :)
Campbell wants to crawl so bad. He's trying really hard but can only scooch himself on his belly a couple of inches.  It's pretty adorable to watch him try and I can't wait until he learns how to crawl. I'm seriously not sure if there's anything cuter than a crawling baby.

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