Monday, November 10, 2014

Mommy Series | {Mom Style}

This week I'm going to blog about all things Mom. From must have items to fashion and everything in between, I'm going to share what I love and need to survive in this crazy new life of mine!
I'm going to kick this weeks series off with mommy friendly fashion. You frequently hear women say things like "I can't wear that, I'm a Mom" and I never understood that statement---until I became a Mom. It's not necessarily that you can't wear something, it's just that it may be harder when you have a baby in tow. Two things that I've had to (sort of) give up for a little while are really high heels (too hard to wear when carrying a wiggly 14 pound baby around) and necklaces (Campbell enjoys eating them these days). I still wear my pretty pumps and necklaces but not as frequently as I used to. Flats, kitten heels, booties and scarves are now my go-tos. And comfort. But that was a requirement before baby!
Boots//Report seen here | Scarf//Francescas | Legwarmers//Altar'd State similar here

Come back tomorrow to see what baby items I never leave home without. 

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