Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mommy Series | {What's In My Baby Bag}

I never imagined I would carry a diaper bag. I was never fond of any that I had ever seen and never understood why Mom's didn't just stick a few diapers and wipes in their purse instead. Ha. That makes me laugh now. I was so clueless. Babies require a lot more than diapers and wipes when you leave the house with them. Luckily, many designers make chic diaper bags now and once I discovered that, my hunt for the perfect baby bag was on! I spent a looooot of time on the internet searching (and even wrote a blog post about it here) and finally decided to carry the Tory Burch Logo Billy Bag. I really love this bag and I'm glad since it's not just a baby bag but my new purse as well. Whenever Campbell and I are on the go, I never leave home without it. Thankfully it's large enough to carry the many items Campbell requires when we're out and about. These things are always in tow.

1.) Hand sanitizer, diapers and wipes of course.
2.) Our favorite Wubbanub. Rarely does Campbell use a paci but occasionally he surprises me and I catch him going to town on it. Plus he likes to play with the elephant attached. 
3.) I always keep a blanket or two in my baby bag. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are my favorite! I typically grab this fun pattern for every day and this sweet pattern for church. 
4.) Burp cloths. At least two. We seem to always need them! I love 3 Martha's Applique Burp Pads. They're the best and all I use. 
5.) Now that Campbell is eating real food he requires special items for when we're eating out. Disposable place mats and bibs are awesome! What would I do without them? I also keep his spoons and puffs on hand. 
6.) We never leave the house without the mini iPad!! Campbell watches Mickey during the drive. 
7.) A Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag to keep smaller items (spoons, hand sanitizer, etc) organized. 
8.) Johnson and Johnson hand and face wipes. 
9.) Toys for Campbell to play with. Usually it's his Nuby teething ring and Sophie. 

Whew! Who knew you had to carry so much around----every single time you go somewhere? Good thing my baby bag can handle it!

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