Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Life That's Good

Yesterday I took Campbell out to lunch. It's the first time we've eaten out just the two of us (since he's started sitting in a high chair and eating too) and I was so nervous that I was getting myself into a mess! I debated the whole drive there but I was super craving Flying Burrito and I decided I could handle whatever I was about to get myself into. I'm happy to report that it was a piece of cake! I actually couldn't believe how easy it was. Campbell was so good and we had a lovely little lunch date together! Campbell is always good when we eat out but usually Scott eats first while I feed Campbell then when he's done eating he takes over feeding him. Campbell is like a teenage boy and thinks he needs food shoved in his mouth as fast as possible so it's hard to keep up with him. Yesterday he was completely content eating at a normal pace which was nice. Campbell loves eating at Flying Burrito just as much as I do. I order him a taco filled with rice, black beans, chicken and potatoes. I love that he can appreciate Mexican food already. It really is the yummiest of all the foods.
After our lunch and a trip to Walmart to stock up on groceries for the week, Campbell and I came home and chilled the rest of the day. While we were sitting on the floor playing, I gave Campbell a sippy cup with a straw for the first time. I assumed he would just play with it but he instantly got the concept and was able to drink his water out of it. Yay! It's the little things like that, that make my life easier.
Last night I made us a yummy dinner--Catalina chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli. The three of us sat at the table together and ate as a family. I've read that it's important to do that with Campbell, even at this age, so I'm trying to get in a habit of doing it even though I'm never hungry at 5:30 but whatever. I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness as I sat there with my little family eating dinner. Life just felt really great.

And now I'm done with the sappiness.


  1. It is 9AM and I am now hungry and want Flying Burrito. HAHA! Love Campbell's Santa PJs too cute!

    1. I could go for a little FB myself. Pretty sure I could eat it every day. Never gets old.....