Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Traditions

I got all of my Christmas shopping done this weekend and it feels so fantastic! I'm usually still picking up a few little last minute items on Christmas Eve so to have it done so early is such a relief. Most of the presents are wrapped and under our tree now. Of course we don't leave Madison and Ivy out! They noticed their presents immediately once I placed them under the tree. It is absolute torture for Madison because she loves toys more than any dog I've ever known in my life. After I wrapped their presents, Scott and I went upstairs to our bonus room to watch some Netflix. Madison is usually trailing right behind us but I could not convince her to back away from the tree. A few short minutes later, she came prancing in the room with one of her new toys just as happy as can be! And she hasn't put her new toy down since.
It will be interesting to see if she opens the two others before Christmas or if she leaves them alone. She's pretty excited about her new toy and shows no signs of becoming uninterested in it any time soon so I'd be surprised if she opened another. Stay tuned!
Campbell isn't lacking in a Christmas wardrobe this holiday season. He has a couple of Christmas outfits and I just love them. I got this for him last year and I think it's so adorable! It's 6-12 months which is usually pretty big on the little peanut but I was able to shrink it and it fits him perfectly!
I've been thinking a lot about Christmas/Holiday traditions lately. I love family traditions around the holiday season. I feel like it brings extra magic and creates wonderful memories for everyone. Plus it just makes the holidays feel more special. We had Christmas traditions in my family growing up and I look back on them with such fond memories. I want to create our own Christmas traditions for Campbell and any future children we may have. I know for sure that on Christmas Eve I want us to all bake cookies for Santa. Someone told me they leave reindeer food out on Christmas Eve. It's just deer food + glitter and I think that's such a cute idea! I'll have to do that one as well. A lot of people go to church on Christmas Eve and I think that's wonderful. I wish we did that but we're usually on the road traveling to Little Rock on Christmas Eve. I know some families that take a little weekend trip together around the holidays every year and I think that's so fun! I want to be that family that always does the same things every holiday season. Tell me, what are some of your holiday traditions? I want some ideas! It's never too early to start traditions and create memories. I want Christmas to always be extra special and magical for my kids and I think traditions are a great way to start. Please share what makes your holidays special!


  1. My parents always stuffed our stockings and we opened them on Christmas Eve and I plan to do the same with our kiddos! I also love the idea of giving new pajamas and a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve and watching it as a family all bundled up on the couch!