Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Table Setting {Eat-Drink-Be Merry}

Today marks the beginning of our Christmas festivities! Scott and I usually hit the ground running on December 23rd and don't seem to stop until Christmas is over. It can sometimes be overwhelming but I love it. Doing it like this makes it feel like Christmas lasts many days in a row! Today we're doing Christmas with Scott's Dad's side of the family. I'm hosting dinner at our house which I always enjoy. I spent my evening last night getting the dinner table decorated which is my absolute favorite part about hosting a dinner party.
I have a little bit of cooking to do but I tried to get as much done last night as I could so I would be able to enjoy my day. Tomorrow we're doing brunch with Scott's Mom then heading to Little Rock to spend the rest of the Christmas holiday with my family. It's going to be a really special Christmas for many reasons! I'm excited to get it started!

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