Monday, December 22, 2014


This weekend I went on a fun little adventure with my friends! My friend, Jake, is turning 30 on Christmas Eve and his friends and family threw him a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday. One of his friends called me a little over a month ago and told me they were throwing him the party. She said she wanted to invite us even though it would be a far drive (Marianna--5.5 hours from NWA) and we're super busy with Christmas and kiddos, etc, and she wasn't expecting us to come but knew Jake would love it if we did. I instantly knew I just couldn't miss out on it! You only turn 30 once and Jake is totally worth a 5.5 hour drive.
Fast forward to a few weeks later at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and this is what's happening.
Myself + Scott, Jax, Ashley, Campbell, Ivy and Madison all piled (literally) in a car and hit the road to Marianna, Arkansas for Jake's surprise 30th birthday party! We were all so excited about going and knew he would seriously be so surprised to see us there.
We stopped in Little Rock to drop off Campbell, Ivy and Madison, rest a little and get dressed for the evening, then headed east for the big birthday bash.
The surprise went off perfectly and Jake absolutely had no clue that all of this sneaky planning had been going on for months. It was so wonderfully exciting being able to take part in this big celebration!
Happy (almost) 30th Birthday Jake! So glad I was there to toast you into your next decade. You are so special to me and I loved getting to see that shocked look on your face when you walked through the door. #forever29 #jakesdirty30

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