Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crawling in Pajamas

We've been hanging out indoors for the past two days now. It actually hasn't been bad at all because Jaclyn and Emmy have come over every day to play. It definitely helps out with the cabin fever! I'd be going crazy by now if I hadn't had their company. The snow is all melted now and I'm wondering if it's our last snow before spring arrives. I'm definitely ready for warm weather. Like, really ready. I'm okay with a few more weeks of cold though. I've always slightly enjoyed winter weather and secretly love when it snows. Yesterday it snowed all day long and I just gazed out of the window and watched it heavily fall to the ground. It made me happy and it was so beautiful!
Today I wanted to get some pictures of Campbell in his pj's. You all know the love I have for Kickee Pants and it's literally the only thing Campbell sleeps in. These are the perfect pajama to wear when there's snow on the ground! It's our first good photos we have of Campbell crawling and I think they turned out so cute! My whole life (if feels like) I've looked forward to having a crawling baby because I just think it's the cutest thing ever. The crawling cuteness has definitely not let me down. I love watching my sweet baby crawling around!!

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