Monday, March 9, 2015

On The Move

Yesterday we had our first bloody experience. Campbell was pulling up on something and fell. I'm not real sure what happened but I heard a smack and then a sad cry. I went to get him and he had blood all over his face!!!! At first I thought it was from his nose then I realized it was coming from his mouth. He bit his tongue. Talk about panic! Scott said I was freaking out so much he couldn't even understand what I was saying. Haha. Makes me laugh now. Campbell is totally fine and recovered very quickly. All he needed was his Momma to hold him.
We're in the throw everything, everywhere stage. I'm constantly picking up messes and chasing after Campbell. I'll turn my back for just a few seconds and he is nowhere to be found. It's fun watching him get so big and all of this new stuff makes me giggle a lot. I could do without picking up the same mess 38 times a day but he loves it and it's cute to watch him explore. Last night we had to lower Campbells mattress to the lowest level because he's been pulling up on his crib. My baby is turning into such a big boy and it's happening so fast.
Yesterday while I was getting our weekly groceries at Walmart, I noticed Chobani greek yogurt in a squeezable pouch. You had thought I'd stumbled upon gold I was so excited. I love for Campbell to have yogurt since it's so great for him for so many reasons. I've always had to spoon feed him yogurt so this pouch just made life easier for me. Maybe it's been around a while but I've never seen it before. Campbell had some yogurt for breakfast this morning and he loved it, of course. It's funny the things I get excited about now.

Today is our sweet Gracie's third birthday! She's at our house this week playing. We're having a little birthday party for her later this evening. Happy Birthday Grace!!

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