Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Madison & Ivy Turn Three!!

My precious girls are celebrating their third birthday today!!
You wouldn't have to be reading this blog for very long to know how much I love these two. They bring so much joy and laughter to our household. I made a promise to my girls that nothing would change once Campbell got here and I'm happy to report I kept my promise. I mean, I was fairly certain I would but you never know I guess. They're my babies too and deserve equal attention even if sometimes it makes things a little harder. You should see me when I take the girls for a walk while I'm pushing Campbell in the stroller. It can get comical. I just can't bring myself to leave them behind though unless they just got back from the groomer. That's the only exception :)
The girls, Campbell and I do everything together. When Campbell wakes up in the morning I say "come on girls, let's go get Campbell" and they eagerly follow behind me. We spend the rest of our day playing in the bonus room. Ivy lays by my side, Campbell plays with his toys or watches Mickey, and Madison is constantly begging me to throw her toys.
While I'm cutting up Campbell's fruit for meals I make sure the girls get some too and sometimes we all take bye bye trips to Sonic together just to get out of the house.
Once Campbell goes to bed it's our special quiet time together. The girls get lots of loving, massages, give (and get) kisses and cuddles until we all retreat to bed for the night.
Watching Ivy and Madison together sometimes makes me wish I had a sister. I've never seen a bond like these two and it just fills my heart up with so much love. These two have so much personality and are constantly making us laugh. Campbell loves his sisters and they love him so much too! Not only do I think they approve of their newest little family member but I know they adore him and do their best to take care of him!
I can't express how much I love my girls and how grateful I am to have them in my life. Happy third birthday Ivy and Madison! You are so very loved.


  1. They are just absolutely beautiful. Our furbabies truly are family. I had a scare recently finding a lump in the tummy/breastbone area of my schnauzer and started crying. Fortunately I had it checked out and it's just fatty tissue and perfectly normal thank goodness. Apparently they come with age and my sweet girl is 7 now. Jewel is currently sleeping at my feet while I work from home today...truly the best work at home buddy I could ask for. Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Ivy and Madison!!