Monday, March 16, 2015


We have been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather the last two days and have tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I've been planting a few flowers on my back porch and it makes me super happy!! I've also been taking Campbell and the girls on a lot of walks, we've been grilling outside every night and doing a lot of swinging--Campbell's favorite!!
We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for two of Campbell's friends :)
When I was pregnant there were four other women in my neighborhood that were pregnant at the same time as me and we were all due within three weeks of one another. I live in the best neighborhood in the world where neighbors turn into really great friends and we've all gotten closer since getting pregnant and having babies around the exact same time. Two of those babies had a joint first birthday party so we spent the afternoon celebrating them! It was so fun going and it feels like yesterday that these babies were in our bellies and we were comparing pregnancies.
I went to Toys R Us last Friday and you would think I was a kid myself because I spent an hour in there admiring all of the fun stuff. I was trying to pick out some gifts for Campbell's birthday but I got a little overwhelmed so I left. I did make one purchase though. Campbell was being fussy and not in the mood to be my shopping buddy so I gave him a toy to play with and he loved it so much I decided to buy it and give it to him for his birthday. I'm like, the worst person ever at that though because this morning I pulled it out and gave it to him. I did that during Christmas for a few toys too. Oh well. It's not like he understands the concept anyway. He loves opening and closing the door on this toy.
And finally, last night Madison did this and it really tickled Scott and I. She usually sleeps stretched across our two pillows but decided to be human last night and only use the pillow for her head. She looked soooo comfy.

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