Saturday, May 30, 2015

Emmy's 2nd Birthday

A very special little girl is having a birthday today! Emerson Grace is two years old!!
We had so much fun at her birthday party today! We had hamburgers and hot dogs and an exceptionally delicious and insanely adorable birthday cake!!
Emmy has a mini table and chairs and Campbell sat at it to eat his lunch. I was so surprised because he did so good eating like a big boy. I think he loved eating at the table so it looks like Scott and I will be purchasing one for him very soon. Haha!
The last present Emmy opened was such a fun present. Emmy got her very first car and she LOVED it. We had to go in the driveway and take it for a spin and Campbell even got in on the action!
They looked sooooo cute driving around together. Campbell only enjoyed it for a little bit though. Once Emmy drove into the grass he'd had enough and didn't feel safe anymore. Haha! He decided he would just watch from a distance instead. Emmy could not get enough of her new car. It was so fun watching her enjoy it so much!

Happy Birthday Emmy! You are so loved by so many. I know we have many fun years and memories ahead and I can't wait for what's to come. We love you, sweet girl!!

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