Friday, June 26, 2015

Fifteen Months

Campbell is fifteen months old today! I wanted to do a little post about what my little peanut is up to at fifteen months old so I'll always be able to remember.
Campbell is always on the go. I don't know how he has so much energy. He is into everything and makes the biggest messes. Campbell walks everywhere he goes now. About 5% of the time I'll catch him crawling and I always just watch him with a nostalgic smile because I know I won't get to see him do that much longer and it makes me a little sad.
Campbell has 6 teeth now. His top, middle four all cut through within about 2 weeks of one another. It took them forever to come in and they looked like they were getting ready to rupture for months. When his birthday was approaching, I was checking his top gums daily because I just knew they were going to cut through and I wanted to make sure I put the correct amount of teeth on his one year chalkboard poster. Three months later and they finally broke through. I'm not even kidding when I say it took forever!! Speaking of teeth, Campbell is so awesome about letting me brush them every night. He opens his mouth wide and lets me scrub for as long as I want to. I really appreciate this about him.
Campbell wears anywhere from size 6-18 month clothes. Wide range! Just goes to show all brands run different and you shouldn't worry about sizes even when you're 15 months old!!! Everything from Gap is still size 6-12 months. His Jon Jon's are 6-9 months. Kickee Pants pajamas are 12-18 months. Freshly Picked Moccs are size 2.
Exactly one month ago Campbell weighed 19 pounds and 12 ounces (14%). He's slow to put on weight so I bet he's just a little over 20 pounds now. He feels so heavy these days! I'm glad he can stand and walk on his own because my arms get tired if I have to carry him for too long. We're going to the doctor for his 15 month check up on Wednesday so I'll know exactly what he weighs then.
Campbell discovered his shadow this week. His belly is so ticklish and this little piggy makes him grin SO big. Campbell loves touch and feel books. He loves stacking blocks, rings, etc onto stacking rings. He likes building tall towers of blocks then knocking them down. He has this little CD player that he got for Christmas that has suddenly become his new favorite toy. Campbell is still a good eater (and eats such large portions, it's crazy) but there are some foods that he won't eat now that he used to eat all the time. Blueberries are without a doubt his favorite food. And just a plain ol' slice of bread. He loves bread.
Campbell loves to clap for himself if he does something really awesome....which he feels like he does quite frequently. It cracks us up. He is still obsessed with Mickey and his Clubhouse. Campbell's new thing is to walk up to me with his mouth wide open to give me kisses. He does it all the time and I love it. He's still insanely attached to my hip and cries if anyone tries to take him from me. We've had a hard month with the transition to one nap. No other transition has been this difficult and I would give anything if he would give up and go back to two naps but he won't. There's been a lot of fussing in our house. I'm anxiously awaiting this little phase to be over with.
I know I say it all the time but my little peanut is just the sweetest. He is still a hard baby though. I thought we would be done with it by now but we aren't. It can be extremely exhausting but then he'll get so sweet and adorable on me so all is forgiven. One of these days I'll catch a break! Campbell continues to get more and more fun and I get excited over the smallest little things he does. I'm a proud Momma. I love my precious boy.

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