Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nephew Visit

My nephew, Landon, and my Mom came up to NWA to stay with me for the weekend! I'm excited to have their company. Landon is ten years old (what?!) and I'm excited that he's up to hang out. This evening Landon and I went on a nature walk together. There's a beautiful nature trail in my neighborhood and I love walking through it. It's also a great backdrop for photos and a lot of the pictures we take are on the Hyde Park nature trail. Every time Landon comes to town I always like to get away and have some one on one time with him and our nature walk was the perfect summertime activity for us.
There's a lot of blackberries on the trail so we picked a couple (and ate them! Yum!!) while we were on our walk. We also saw a deer that darted out right in front of us. It totally scared me but I did think it was pretty cool.
Campbell is obsessed with Landon. He always has been. And Landon is so, so sweet to Campbell. Campbell had a blast playing with Landon and just giggled and giggled all day. Landon taught Campbell how to shoot hoops in his basketball goal (he got it for his birthday but I just pulled it out today) and I was so proud of Campbell because he was actually able to go up to the basketball goal and put the ball in. Campbell was proud too. He clapped for himself every time he made the basket.
On a totally different note, Madison doesn't really appreciate that I have to put her water and food bowl out of Campbell's reach. He love to splash in the water and I get tired of saying "DON'T TOUCH" all the time so this is the best solution. Madison doesn't agree. She's sitting in the spot where the food/water is supposed to go in protest.
Finally, my neighbor has a vegetable garden and grew this massive, largest zucchini that has ever existed and let me have it. Can you believe the size of this thing? It's insane!!!!! I'm going to have to get on Pinterest and search for zucchini recipes because I will eat this entire thing before it goes bad.

I'm glad my nephew is up for the weekend! I want him to come up again this summer and bring my niece along with him. Looking forward to making some memories and hearing some funny things come out of his mouth this weekend!!

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