Monday, June 8, 2015

Halfway Fun Weekend

Hey-O! How was your weekend? Mine was halfway fun. On Friday night Scott and I got a night out on the town to celebrate a friends birthday. It's so rare for us to get away together which, honestly, is just fine by us. Don't get me wrong, we love a fun date night and appreciate them so much. But we also love to just be home in our comfy clothes, watching something good on the TV while we look at the monitor and laugh at the many different sleeping positions Campbell seems to put himself in.
For our Friday night outing we went to Levi's in downtown Rogers. I'd never been before and the food was awesome. The company was nice too--we have really great friends! After dinner we went to our friends house (also a neighbor) and hung out for a little bit. I came home a little early to relieve my MIL and let her go home. I threw on my pajamas, crawled in bed and watched Harry Potter until I fell asleep. Pretty great Friday night if you ask me!
On Saturday we attempted the pool but Campbell wasn't in the mood to be there for very long. We made it about an hour before he'd had enough. We packed up the gear, walked home, and stayed there the rest of the day. It was soooooo boring. I actually woke up not feeling so great so I ended up taking a three hour afternoon nap. I think I caught Campbell's stuffy/runny nose + overall just feeling yuck-ness. I'm starting to have a sneaky suspicion that every time Campbell gets sick, I'm going to get sick too. He's been sick twice so far and I've caught it both times. Sigh.
Campbell has been a little irritable thanks to him cutting a tooth. I checked last night and his lateral incisor has ruptured. That's only his 3rd tooth to break through! His bottom teeth came up in January so he is way overdue. I see three other teeth that are getting ready to break through pretty soon so I guess I get to deal with a fussy baby for the next few weeks. Always a good time.
I bought these little tennis balls for Madison a few weeks ago. I figured she'd have fun with them but I didn't anticipate her being over the top obsessed with these things. Like, annoyingly obsessed. She constantly has one in her mouth and is constantly asking us to throw it. Look, even Ivy is worn out by it.

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