Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer School

Campbell had his first day of summer school today. He was actually supposed to go on Monday but I somehow got confused and didn't think it started until next week. He's going two days a week for the next six weeks then we'll have a little break and start up again in September.
Campbell moved up to a new classroom and we got off to a very rough start. When I handed him over to his new teachers he cried so hard that no noise came out. I watched him through the window for a minute then requested my child back!! He was SO sad and hasn't been like that in such a long time that it really broke my heart. Right about that time his former teachers came up and asked Campbell if they could hold him and through his tears he actually reached for them. They told me they would take care of him until he calmed down so I decided to go on ahead and leave. When I got in my car I realized I was sweating from head to toe!! Agh!! So stressful. We were in such a great place with MDO just a few weeks ago. Campbell grew to love his teachers and smiled and reached for them every time I dropped him off. I wondered how Campbell would handle the transition to his new classroom. It was definitely a fail. I know he'll get used to it--quickly I'm sure--but nothing makes my blood pressure rise like that does. Watching any baby cry when their Momma drops them off makes me so sad and when it's my own it's like anxiety to the max. I still remember that feeling when I was little of not wanting my Momma to leave me any time she went somewhere.
When I picked him up he was A-OK and they told me he had a really great day. I know his new teachers are so, so sweet and Campbell will end up loving them but I sometimes wish he could just forever stay in his old class where he feels safe and comfortable. Hopefully Monday will go better.

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  1. This is SO HARD! I'm just reading... So I'm praying today was much easier. Brooklyn is THAT kid that screams bloody murder every.single.time I drop her off....still! I feel your pain in a big big way.