Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blankets & Groceries

This is currently Campbell's favorite game to play. Look at that sneaky look on his face! He always fools his Momma and Daddy into thinking he disappeared!

Campbell is growing attached to his Aden + Anais circus dream blanket. I'm kind of attached to it myself! I cover up with it every morning while I drink my coffee and watch Good Morning America. They make dream blankets for adults and I've made it known--already--that I want one for Christmas!! They're just so comfortable. 
Yesterday I experienced a life changing event known as the Walmart Grocery Pickup. It has gotten so hard to shop with Campbell. What am I saying, it's always been hard! I usually have to pack a snack for him any time I go to the grocery store and I'm tired of doing that. I finally decided to give the Walmart Grocery a try. You just order your groceries online, select a time frame to pick them up, then go to the pickup area and an associate loads the groceries into your car. You literally never have to get out of your car. It's amazing!!! My life just got so much easier. I was unsure of how it would all work, specifically my fruits and vegetables because I'm really particular about those. But they gave me the most beautiful, perfect fresh fruits and vegetables.
I thought it was interesting too because three other cars were picking up groceries while I was there and all of the cars had a baby in the back. I thought to myself "Yep! It's just too hard to do this with a little one in tow. Glad it's not just me!" I asked the associate while he was loading my car if the majority of their customers are mothers with young kids and he said about 75% of them are. He said "it's just too challenging for you Mom's to do this. We're glad we can make it easier on you." I wanted to hug him. I pulled away feeling like I had won the lottery. This is a brilliant idea! Hopefully they will expand soon so everyone else can enjoy the Walmart Grocery Pickup. 
After our easy grocery run, Campbell and I came home and enjoyed the rest of our day inside....cuddling with our blanket. 


  1. I've heard of grocery delivery services but not a drive-thru grocery pick up. How nice! Even non-moms like me would enjoy getting that extra 30-45 mins back every week!

    1. Yes!! It's so amazing. Will be great when it's raining or snowing too!! The test store has been a major hit here so hopefully they'll start adding more really soon!