Monday, July 20, 2015

Cousin Time

We had a full and busy long weekend! Last Wednesday my Mom, Grammy and nephew came up to NWA to hang out. It was so fun having them all here!! We decided to make the most of our family time together and we did something fun every single day and night.
One evening we went to Fast Lanes and not only did Landon have a blast riding go carts and playing arcade games but Campbell had the time of his life!!! It's not really age appropriate for him but I think the fun games, flashing lights, and arcade noises just thrilled him to pieces. He was running everywhere, looking at everything, and squealing with delight the ENTIRE time.
We didn't play arcades for too long (talk about blowing away your money!!) but we did spend a fun amount of time racing go carts. Uncle Scott and I took turns racing Landon and Scott's nicer than me because he let Landon (barely) win. I almost lapped him and Landon couldn't believe I beat him so badly. Haha! I'm actually a pretty awesome go cart racer so there's something you didn't know about me.....
We also filled our weekend with swimming, bowling, putt putt golf, and a trip to the Farmers Market. It was busy, busy but we made a lot of memories and Landon had a blast!!
Campbell enjoyed his company so, so much. I think it was the most fun weekend of his life and I'm not even kidding. He had a smile on his face the entire time. I'm glad we were able to have a lot of fun and do some cool activities together. We definitely made the most of this summer weekend!!!

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