Thursday, August 13, 2015

Campbell's Playroom

I've been wanting to share Campbell's playroom with you guys for a while now and finally took the time to take photos of it. This is where Campbell and I spend the majority of our life. Once Campbell wakes up and eats his breakfast, we go straight to this space. I prop my feet up on the ottoman, sip my coffee, watch GMA and Campbell gets busy playing with all of his toys.
The most recent additions to our playroom have been the play table and teepee. I got the play table from Ikea and the teepee from The Land of Nod. I wasn't sure if the teepee would get used but Campbell loves it. He'll take his toys in there to play with them and he loves a game of "where's Campbell" in his teepee. The table doesn't get used a whole lot just yet. Sometimes Campbell eats his snacks there or will play with his toys on it. I mostly wanted a table so Campbell would have a place to create art one day. He isn't into coloring just yet but I'm sure that's right around the corner and I wanted a space for him to be able to create his glorious masterpieces!!
While the space is covered with toys, I did want to try to make it feel like somewhat of a bonus room/playroom and cater to all ages.....if you can even do that with Little Tykes stuff everywhere. We have the wii set up which my 10 year old nephew loves.....who am I kidding, Scott and I love it too. The ottoman is filled with sheets and blankets because sometimes, when we have a lot of guests, the sectional serves as a bed. 
There really isn't much to the space (it's not Pinteresty or anything!!) but it is so nice to have. I am very thankful to have a playroom for Campbell. It feels safe plus all of his toys are here and out of the way. I love this space. It's where I hang. This is where Campbell does cute things that make me smile. It's where he learns. It's where I grab the dream blanket to snuggle with my girls and my little peanut. We watch everything from GMA, Kelly & Michael and Ellen to Mickey Mouse, Sofia and Doc McStuffins. As a family, we almost always are here watching Wheel of Fortune every night. We read, play fetch with Madison, stack and nest blocks, eat snacks, and play legos. This room is full of fun and full of love!!.....and toys :)

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