Friday, August 14, 2015

Landon Time

My nephew, Landon, has spent a lot of time hanging out at my house this summer and I've loved it! Landon is 10 and I've loved this kid from the start. He's the first baby boy I ever fell in love with and being an aunt to him has always been such a special role to me.
My brother and SIL were here last week and left last Friday but Landon wanted to stay with me and hang for a few extra days over the weekend. I've had a 10 year record of never saying no to him (why would I?!) so of course I let him stay. Uncle Scott and Aunt Kara do their best to be the coolest aunt and uncle ever so we did it up all weekend long. On Friday night we went to a carnival then on Saturday we visited our local arcade/bowling alley/go cart joint. Landon made away with all of this crap these amazing goodies for only $60 which was "such an amazing deal considering all of the stuff" he won.
I met my parents halfway between NWA and Little Rock on Sunday so Landon could get back home. He was bummed to leave and I was too! Scott, Landon and I played the Wii on Saturday night and the three of us had too much fun. Video games can get addicting especially when you're trying to beat your highest score and I'm not even a competitive person so that says a lot. Landon got cracked up at watching me play tennis on the wii. Sometimes you just have to look stupid to get the job done.
Landon goes back to Florida tomorrow and I'm going to miss seeing him a lot. He's a special little boy and there's nothing more fun than being an aunt! He's such a blessing. I'm grateful for our time together this summer and I hope he'll always remember it as being so much fun!!

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