Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving To The Other Side

I hope every ones Monday is off to a great start and you all had a great weekend. I had a really fun weekend! We decided to have some friends over to our house on Friday night. The weather was amazing and I thought what better way to spend it then sitting on my back porch with friends? We grilled and hung out and had fun.
On Saturday Scott and I spent the entire day running errands all over NWA. We even made it down to Fayetteville to do some shopping. Campbell was such a trooper and we decided to treat him with a cupcake and he gobbled the entire thing down. But not before rubbing the frosting all into his hair. Talk about one sticky disaster.
Later that evening we went to a wedding shower with some of our friends and enjoyed a late dinner at Bordinos once it was over. I love Bordinos--it's one of my absolute favorites. I rarely get to eat there these days but when I do, it never disappoints.
Yesterday, at church, it was promotion Sunday. Our children's building has the infants on one side and the toddlers on the other. We went to check Campbell in to the infant side like we always have and they directed us over to the toddler side. Ummm....what? Scott and I were both caught so off guard. Isn't our baby still an infant? We walked him to the other side and I got so emotional. We dropped him off at his new classroom and thank goodness we were early (for once) because we stared at Campbell through the window for at least 5 minutes. Scott was like "he's the littlest one in there!!" and I was like "I was not prepared for this." It's so not even a big deal but like, it kind of was!!! We are totally those parents.

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  1. I have been that parent many times. As they get older the opposite happens too...he is too big to be in that room. I always worry now that Mason will hurt a little kid and then they will tell me that kid is 2 and I will be shocked.