Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Journey

We spent our weekend in Little Rock. We didn't have anything going on here in NWA and figured we may as well go down and hang out with family. Campbell was such a trooper on the drive there and back and he loved getting to hang out in Little Rock with his Pops and Gamma. Mostly his Gamma because he's completely obsessed with her.
On Saturday morning we all woke up and went to the Little Rock farmers market. It's very different from the Farmers Market here. My Mom and Dad picked up a lot of fresh fruits and veggies while Scott and I decided to go for some homemade salsa. Oh my stars it's the best salsa in a jar that I've ever eaten. It's called Salsome and it was seriously delicious. If you live in Little Rock you've got to go to the Farmers Market just to get some Salsome. Yum. 
After the farmers market and lunch downtown, we headed back home so Campbell could take a nap. While he did that, Scott and I snuck out and ran around town. One of our stops was to Babies R Us to get a baby gate for our stairs. We both pouted about having to put one of those up. Ugh! We always hang out in the bonus room upstairs and just shut the door and it's no big deal. But the girls are always wanting in and out and it would actually be easier to be able to just leave the door open. Campbell always, always stops at the stairs and knows he can't go down them. But as Scott said "we would feel like real jerks if something happened and Campbell fell down the stairs just because we wanted our house to look nice." So the responsible decision won and now we own a baby gate. We're planning on installing it this evening. 
After our errands we took some pictures of the little ones. It was pretty much impossible to get one of them together. Campbell was not in the mood and he doesn't sit still for more than .8 seconds so this was as good as we got. I still love it though. I absolutely cannot wait for the holidays. It's going to be so much fun this year.
Scott and I ended up having a date night on Saturday night which was a nice little treat! After dinner he asked if I wanted to go to a movie and I told him I just really wanted to go to Homegoods. So that's what we did! I'm a simple gal these days who just wants to be able to shop at Homegoods and take my time. 
We had fun in Little Rock and I'm glad we were able to go. The girls love to getaway and hang out at their Pops and Gammas house too. I enjoy spending time in Little Rock and I'm glad my parents live in a fun place that's easy for us to get to. Although I'd much prefer them to live here of course!! 

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