Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aspen Getaway {Part 2}

The highlight of our trip was most definitely getting to see the Maroon Bells but we certainly did enjoy spending the majority of our time exploring the town of Aspen. We mostly just walked the streets and popped in all of the stores that Aspen has to offer--which is a lot for a ski town (or at least I think it is)! We ate some delicious meals and leisurely strolled through the town. It wasn't much but it was nice to just walk around without an agenda. You would think that we would have slept in but I guess I'm officially an adult because I'm not capable of sleeping in anymore. I woke up at my usual time every day but it was nice to just lay in bed and watch TV.
It was so nice to get an early dose of fall weather while we were in Aspen. At times I was flat out freezing but most of the time it was just that perfect, fall weather. It definitely made me anxious for Arkansas to start bringing in the cooler temps!
The wedding we were attending was on Saturday night so we wrapped up our vacation with a fun celebration! The wedding was so beautiful--I love how the bride styled everything. The music was fun and we danced all night. My feet were killing me but I still had a blast!
We woke up the next morning, hopped in the car and headed back to Denver. It was a long day of traveling. Between the 3.5 hour car ride to Denver, 2 hours in the airport, and a 5.5 hour flight (including a layover) we ended up having about a 12 hour day of travel by the time we got home. However, Southwest knows how to treat their customers right and I got to watch the Emmy's live on the flight so really, it wasn't even all that bad. I love Southwest.
Overall we had such a great trip! It was nice for Scott and I to getaway for a little bit and enjoy each others company. I would love an opportunity to visit Aspen again. Scott and I love Crested Butte, CO so much so if we go skiing again I'm almost certain that's where we would choose to go. However, Aspen was so fun and the perfect weekend getaway trip for any season of the year. I would love to take Campbell and the girls (dogs were everywhere!!!!) if we were ever to go again. They would love it!

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