Monday, September 21, 2015

Aspen Getaway

Hello there! Long time no blog. Sorry for the MIA. I've been out west the last few days but I'm finally back home and it feels so good to be here. There's no place like home! If you follow me on Instagram (@kara2lou) you already know that I've been in Aspen. Scott and I went for a long weekend and we had a really great time. The purpose of the trip was for one of Scott's friends wedding. We decided to make a little mini vacation out of it. We flew into Denver and drove a few hours to Aspen and it was the most beautiful drive along Independence Pass. Independence Pass is closed during the winter because it's narrow and curvy and sometimes a little scary! But the scenery is unbeatable and the drive was seriously one of my favorite parts about our vacation. We stayed at the St. Regis (ooh la la....the husband went for a splurge!) and it was super nice and fancy. I highly recommend if you want to feel like royalty for a few days.
One of the things Scott wanted to make sure we did while we were in Aspen was visit the Maroon Bells. They're the most photographed mountains in North America and he really wanted to see and take photos of them. Once we knew the sunlight would be perfect for some great shots, we headed up the mountain to check it out.
Hello gorgeous! It's take your breath away beautiful. I just stood and stared in amazement at the beauty before my eyes. The trees in Aspen have already turned yellow and red and orange--stunning! I am so thankful that we went to Aspen in the fall because we probably never would have chosen to do that on our own. We love to ski so we've only been to Colorado in the winter. I've always heard it's beautiful in the summer and the fall and I'm here to testify that fall in Colorado is gorgeous!!!! If you get an opportunity, you must see it for yourself!
We brought our tripod so we could get some pictures in front of the Maroon Bells. I love how they turned out! The backdrop is just too pretty!
And since I'm my husbands photography muse, a few shots of yours truly. The fall foliage is just too perfect and the reflection of the mountains and trees onto the lake is so dreamy!!
We walked around the area and did a tiny bit of hiking. I wasn't thinking and wore my booties (with a semi-high heel) to a mountain so the exploring was minimal to say the least. Plus it was freezing and neither of us had a jacket. Colorado rookies to say the least.
Once we were finished with the Maroon Bells, we headed back into town, ate a delicious dinner, then turned in for the night. I'll share more about our Aspen getaway tomorrow! Until then.....

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