Friday, September 25, 2015

Water Table

It may technically be fall but it doesn't feel anything like it here in Northwest Arkansas. I'm usually SO ready for fall but for some reason I'm not that anxious for it this year. Maybe I'll change my tune once October arrives next week. I absolutely love fall but I have loved, loved summer so I'm sad to see this warm weather come to an end. I've learned that life with a baby/toddler is easier in warmer weather because of all of the fun outdoor activities that can keep them entertained. I don't know what we're going to do with ourselves in the winter!! We are outside a lot. One of the greatest summertime activities that Campbell has enjoyed this summer is his water table.
Campbell plays with it almost nightly and it's been so great! The girls get to play around in the backyard and Scott and I sit on the patio and listen to music. Everyone is entertained!
The timing works out perfect since Campbell takes a bath every night. Once he eats his dinner, we fill up his water table and let him splash and play away until it's time for him to get ready for bed. It literally keeps him entertained for almost 2 hours. It's so great!
We sure are going to miss our nightly water table fun once the weather cools off and we're no longer able to use it. I hope he enjoys it just as much next summer as he has this summer!!

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