Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's New

I thought I'd catch you all up on life lately now that I'm done blogging about all things Aspen :)
I missed my baby boy (and my girls too!!!) SO much while I was away. I think he missed me too. I wanted to wake him up when I got home from Aspen (about 10 pm) but my parents wouldn't let me. Haha. We packed up on Monday and headed home. Campbell made sure he had all of his lovies with him for the ride. His Pops and Gamma took extra great care of him while he stayed at their house and they took him to the park every single day. Apparently he likes the fast slides.
Gracie wanted to come home with us so all is good in the world of these three. They love when they're all together!!
A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to put a "snack basket" on the floor of the pantry so Campbell could get a snack whenever he was hungry. I forgot to factor in that he's always hungry. This is what I see all. day. long. I was hoping to get an idea of what snacks he prefers most but I'm not sure he discriminates much when it comes to snacks. He does actually seem to really love these dried apple crisps and they have Mickey on the package so that's bonus points. He gets really mad at me when I say no and put the snack back in the basket. Nobody loves food more than Campbell. I'm certain of it.
Something that's new this week is that Campbell is able to climb onto our bed now. I was so surprised when I walked into my room and saw Campbell just chillin on my bed watching his show.
Campbell had MDO today. He hasn't been since his first day last Monday because we were out of town. I was excited for him to get back and he seems excited too. I think he really loves it! They send me little notes home with him and I love reading them. Campbell was the first to lay down and the last to wake up from his nap today. He napped for 2 hours again and it must be rare because his teachers always comment on it when I pick him up. I told them he loves to sleep just like his Mommy!

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